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Stephanie Stouffer Galleries

Stephanie Stouffer is, by now, a familiar name to many who have visited Compass, as we've proudly exhibited her work for several years. The illustrations of the Vermont artist struck a chord with our own Edna Sutton. After a chance meeting in 2016, Stephanie showed Edna some of her original paintings and Edna was immediately in awe: “I couldn't get over the incredible sense of whimsy, the vivid imagination, and obvious love she puts into each piece.” She then proclaimed “we have to exhibit this,” and the rest, as they say, is history.
We are now the sole agent for Stephanie's original artwork, and also sell some of the commercial products which carry Stephanie's iconic designs. Come in and take a look at the new galleries dedicated to Stephanie's ‘everyday' designs and holiday and Christmas collections.
The original gouache paintings Stephanie created on illustration board is what is so special about what you will find in the galleries. The small paintings – ranging from 6x6” to approximately 11x14” – are affordably priced and demonstrate Stephanie's true talent. Her designs often depict traditional scenes, including iconic, recognizable symbols, as required by the commercial graphic design world, but it is her knack for turning these ‘traditional symbols' into something fresh with her vibrant colors, decorative style and rich imagination that make them so special.
Stephanie is a rare bird in the art industry as a female artist. She is one of the few freelance artists to earn a living and also carve her place as an illustrative and decorative artist. For 35 years her designs were licensed to companies like Caspari, Certified International and Peking Handicrafts, appearing on mugs, tapestries, greeting cards, pillows, rugs, and much more. Viewers of her work often realize they have purchased a Christmas greeting card, trivet, or any particular item in the past, adorning one of her designs.


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