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Remembering the Brandon Training School

Located in the former Building K of the Brandon Training School, we feel a deep connection to our building's past, and that of the surrounding campus. Through its 78 years in operation, the school was marked with contrasting reputations, but its history tells an important story of how the treatment and care of people with disabilities has evolved and improved over the years.

The personal memories and artifacts of those who lived and worked at the Brandon Training School are an important part of the story. To help expand the exhibit, if you would like to share your story or have photos or items of daily living from the school you'd like to loan or donate, please contact Kathryn Marshall at 802-247-4295 or by email.   

The Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living has created a website to commemorate the history of the closing of the Brandon Training School. Please visit the site to see memorable events from the 20th Anniversary of the school's closing, stories from those who lived and worked at the school, a video of the 1993 closing of the school, plus more. The website will continue to be updated and added to so please visit often.



Above: School dorm with beds made-up, some with dolls.
Right: Aerial photograph looking south.

Courtesy of the Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living






This exhibit has been sponsored by a Brandon, VT resident.





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