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Interested in showing your work at Compass? We're always looking for new artists to exhibit. We'd love to hear from you.



Come and meet the artists at the


5-8 PM, Friday April 22

Laughing Head III © Fran Bull

David Bowie © Fran Bull



The superb new exhibit by Fran Bull and Robert Black aka 'Frobertan' The Compass Music and Arts Center is excited to announce the opening of a compelling art installation by FROBERTAN, a collaboration between acclaimed artist Fran Bull with her longtime architect partner Robert Black called , We're All At A Party Called Life on Earth. This astonishing and joyous installation –(think: amazing painted figurative sculpture, architectural structures and works on paper) creates for the visitor a rare opportunity to experience a festive and diverse collection of motley characters inspired by Commedia Dell'arte, Carnival, Boardwalk, Circus, the polychromed sculpture of the ancient Greeks and even Shakespeare's Fools. Crafting this art over several years in her studio in Brandon, Vermont, Fran Bull and Robert Black wish to convey, through the diversity and celebratory attitudes of the sculptures, the urgency for all humans to learn to live peacefully on earth. Artist Fran Bull explains:

  We are acutely aware that the pandemic has taught us that we are all connected, all related, that our lives are intertwined. This party is imagined as a metaphor for our very lives on the planet. It is envisioned as an incalculably precious, mirthful and sacred gift .

The installation has been designed to be inviting and interactive. A recorded tour supports visitors as they engage with the artistic concepts.

A unique opportunity to engage in Workshops with both artists will also be available. The classes will invite participants to step out of their typical routines and enjoy time to be creative, rethink, reflect, find perspective and to express themselves by creating new art. The classes are to be held Friday May 14 th 7pm-8:30pm and Saturday May 14 th 10:00 am-12:30, and again Friday June 3 rd 7pm-8:30pm and Saturday June 4 th 10am-12:30.

The fee is $50 for adults for the two sessions and includes costs for materials and light refreshments and $10 to attend just the talk. The fee for students is $25. (This workshop is not suitable for young people under 12 years) The exhibit runs until June 17 th 2022 .


Stephanie Stouffer Galleries

We are now the sole agent for Stouffer's original artwork, and also sell some of the commercial products which carry the Vermont artist's iconic designs. Browse galleries dedicated to Stouffer's ‘everyday' designs and holiday and Christmas collections.



Art by renowned artists:

Fran Bull, Joan Curtis, Robert Black,
Tecari Shuman, Robin Kent, Stephanie Stouffer,
Carolyn Shattuck, Judith Reilly, Linda Durkee, Mary Crowley
Roger Book, Liza Myers & Ruth Hamilton

The Phonograph Rooms
Permanent exhibit

This exhibit offers fascinating insight into the history of recorded music in the home. The exhibit features vintage “talking machines” from 1890 to the 1970s, with regular demonstrations and the opportunity to listen to great recordings of the past - both classical and popular. A display of antique radios and TVs is also included.

Entrance fee: $5 adult, $4 senior, $1 under 14
Visit The Phonograph Rooms website for more information.







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