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Our machines (in various stages of condition and restoration!)

Many hundreds of 78s and LPs ranging from clearance crates
at 20 for 100+ discs and 50x-$1 vinyl to mint and near mint albums and shellacs... (the latter mostly classical)

Will consider an offer for our entire recordings archive of 78s cylinders, LPS and 45rpm sinlges (and a good number of recorded reel-to-reels - total retail value well over $70,000.

Includes over 100 opera boxed sets from the 70s and 80s - all NM+ beleived played once..



Compass Center

most items now for sale

closing down sale!!!!!


Currently on display (click on any green item to view photo) :
Most of these items are on display, though several are in the workshop. Some items may be off display for short periods pending repair.


Edison Home 2/4 minute c.1902, brass horn
Puck Lyra c.1898

C-150 Sheraton, c. 1916
LC-38 London Console, c. 1923
C-250 Chippendale, c. 1916
CC-32 Chippendale Console, c.1923

Pathe model X phonograph, 1920

Brunswick Sharon, Ultona tonearm, 1923
Columbia Grafanola cabinet model
Sears Silvertone cabinet model, c. 1919
internal horn phonograph (so far unidentified), c.1920
Columbia Grafanola model 204E, 1946
Victrola VV.240, 1924
Victrola VV.80, 1921
Victrola VV.XIV, 1916
Victrola VV.VIII, 1924
Victrola VV.IX, 1914
HMV Model 162, c.1925
Gilbert (UK) - model not yet identified, c. 1924
Columbia Grafanola table model, c.1919
Sonora table model (type not yet identified)
Morgan Musicmaster V console phonograph (date unknown)
Peter Pan portable gramophone, 1921
Everton Style 20 cabinet phonograph, c. 1920

Columbia UK, Electric turntable, c. 1930
1946 Arvin model 558 tabletop radio-phono
Westinghouse model H107 console radio-phonograph, 1946
Westinghouse H122, c.1946
Alba (UK) radiogram model 5561, 1950
unidentified children's gramophone, 1950s
Spear 400 children's phonograph, 1950
Webcor Musicale record player,c.1954
Symphonic 1625 stereo record player, 1961
Truetone model 3661 portable stereo phonograph, 1962
RCA Victor model 3VB13 record player, 1962
Zenith 'Circle of Sound' Y565 phono, 1965
KLH model Twenty audio system ( without speakers), 1965
Sylvania SC 226P console radiogram, 1968
Dynatron Goldring Lenco Music Center, c.1970
Wilcox-Gay OJ10 home disc recorder, 1949
Sound Design 5823 stereo receiver/cassette/8-track, 1981
Sylvania CQ 3737 4-channel receiver/8-track player, 1976
Fisher Electra Custom E-46
RCA Victor 45-EY-2 record player and carry case, 1949
Bogen Presto model 61 turntable, 1961
Sears Silvertone 6234 record player, 1957
Imperial Party TIme model 100, 1965
Ri-Tone 3-speed record player, date unknown
RCA VIctrola model 65U tabletop radio-phono, 1947
Grundig Locarno c/U stereo console, 1966
Columbia Masterwork stereo record player, model unknown, c.1962
Garrard RC121 Mk. II tunrntable in plinth, 1958
Philco 50-1424 table radio-phonograph, 1950
Fisher Philharmonic P 294 radio-phonograph
Columbia 360K model 426 record plater, 1956
Dynaco PAS3 tube pre-amp, c.1960
Dynaco Stereo 70 poer amp, c. 1959
Heathkit model EA3 monobloc power amp, 1960



original Victor horn delivery basket with Edison horn
Geraco Music Master VI loudspeaker, 1923
RCA Radiola 103 Loudspeaker, 1928

Dictogrand external/intercom speaker, c. 1930?
Disc-Go-Case record carrier, c.1965

and more for spares or repair and components... and phono ephemera.


Sony CFD 770 Portable audio center radio/cass/CD
(CD player needs repair)

This unit features many fun, cool functions that are too many to list here, such as programmable features and cassette dubbing/recording features. They're all described in the included manual. You can even program sound to come on at any given time from either the CD, radio or cassette.

Outputs rich deep sound from high quality detatachable speakers (each speaker also has a built in tweeter).

No remote or user's manual (both available onlne). In full working order, going for $350. As is, we;ll accept offers over $75. Just as a radio fantastic quality sound..

Note: some photos of items are rather poor, showing items 'as found' (before cleaning!) and were taken for insurance purposes.

Brunswick model 15, 1930
General Motors model 150-A radio-phonograph, 1929
Atwater Kent radio model 55 / F2 dynamic speaker, 1929
and now a spare F4 speaker (which needs different power)
Atwater Kent model 427 console radio, 1934
Home constructed 'kit' early tube radio, c. 1923
RCA Radiola, 1928
EverReady AC Receiver Model 3, 1928
RCA Victor model 110 table radio, 1933
Philco model 610 table radio, 1936
Wards Airline 93BR 715 - A 2-band tabletop radio, 1939
Zenith 6S556 console radio, 1940
Farnsworth BC1041 3-band console radio, 1941
1941 Zenith 6D525 tabletop radio
General Electric model 200 table radio, 1946
Zenith model 7H922 table radio, 1950
Zenith model 6D525 table radio, 1941 (2 copies)
General Electric 410 table radio, 1951
RCA Victor 1-X-52 bookshelf radio, 1952
Norelco B3X98A 3-band tabletop radio, 1961
General Electric T164A portable radio, 1959
Zenith model H845 tabletop radio, 1964
Radio Rentals (UK) Model 68, c.1965
KLH model Eight table FM radi0, 1960
and a second one, dated 1961)
Panasonic AM/FM radio model no. 782B, 1963
Philco D736 Clock/radio, 1956
Viscount model 6TP102 pocket radio, 1958
Panasonic model RF504 pocket radio, c.1980
Katone 3369 AM/FM pocket radio, 1971
Panasonic Panapet 70, 1962
RCA Victor model 4RH11 pocket transistor radio, 1963
General Electric Radioforte G95, 1938
Farnsworth BT-50 table radio, 1941
Philco 40-115C table radio, 1940
Philco 51-930 table radio, 1951
Philco 53-958 table radio, 1953
Wards Airline 25GSE1556D table radio, 1952
Telechron 'Musalarm'model 8H59 alarm clock/radio, 1946
Sears Silvertone 'farm radio' model number unknown, c. 1935
Zenith K510 table radio, 1953
Zenith K510LA table radio, 1963
General Electric T200A AM/FM table radio, c.1961
Magnavox FM028 AM/FM radio, c.1960
RCA Victor RHC33W AM/FM table radio, 1965
General Electric T1234 table radio, 1966
General Electric T1175B solid state table radio, 1966
Breeze 'Life Long' transistor table radio, c.1990?
RCA VIctor 8X541 AM table radio, 1948
Emerson model EC336 (similar), c.1941
General Electric (unknown model), c.1940
Wards Airline GEN 1840A clock / radio, 1965
Realsitic model 12-714 pocket transistor, 1975
Oxford 690 compact table radio, c.1960
AJA 4-band table radio, c. 1956 (model not yet identified)

Bulova 100 clock radio, 1957
Firestone Air Chief table radio, 1947

Panasonic RC-1091 clock radio, 1970
General Electric model 60 clock radio, 1947
Fake 'Air Master' table radio, c. 1948 (false AirMaster decal, chassis replaced, basically a 'frankenstein's monster'!
Admiral 5X12N table radio, 1951

Philco 42KR3 table radio, 1942
Federal 1040TB table radio, 1947
Zenith Deluxe Royal 755LG portable radio (1959)
Zenith G503 portable radio, 1950
RCA Victor 6-XF-6 'The Lindsay' table radio, 1954
Remler 5500 table radio, 1947

Philco projection TV model 48-2500, 1948
Motorola model 7VT5R portable, 1949
Philco 50T-1403, 1950
(above three items currently in workshop)

RCA Victor TV model 9-T-77, 1951 (2 of these!)
RCA VIctor 17-PD-9078 portable TV, 1958
Bentley 100C miniature portable TV/radio, 1984
Broksonic Deluxe CTRE684UL portable TV, 1990
Panasonic TR 525 portable TV, 1977
Quasar model XP1478XH portable TV/4-band radio (Cherry Pepsi promotional item), 1985
Vector VEC135 TV/Radio camping combo, 2009
Sentinel 400TV portable TV, 1948 (photo thanks to

TAPE RECORDERS, Boomboxes /etc
Grundig TK20 reel-to-reel recorder, 1958
Teac 2300S reel-to-reel recorder, 1972
Teac X300R reel-to-reel recorder, 1983
Motorola Stratoline 802 portable 8-track c.1973
Automatic Radio SEP9800 8-track playe, 1971
Webster model 288 wire recorder, 1953
Teac CX 400 cassette deck, 1979
Kenwood/Trio KX 1030 cassette deck, 1981
Sony TC 377 reel-to-reel recorder, 1975
Panasonic RS 7905 reel-to-reel recorder
Panasonic RQ 323S portable cassette player

Sony TC 270 reel to reel recorder, 1974
Akai GXC 75D pro cassette recorder, 1979
Yorx FP 1010 Newave Triple Cassette/FM/AM radio
SoundDesign 5823 receiver/8-track
General Electric 3-5682A boombox

Tandberg model 6 reel-to-reel deck, 1961 and 2nd one for parts
Norelco Foundry 1100 portable cassette player (c.1972?)
Customusic CPC 160 'background music' player, 1982
Wollensak T1515-4 reel=-to-reel stereo recorder, c.1962

Bogen-Presto MXM professional analog mixer/preamp, 1959

not tested, allegedly from the Mercury Records studios. $50

Bell & Howell model 253A 8mm projector, 1958
Keystone model E 848 16mm film projector, 1930s
Telex XL2210 16mmsound film projector, 1987
Technicolor 800 8mm Instant Movie projector, 1970
unknown make 8mm movie editor, c.1960

and other miscellaneous items..





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