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Robin Callahan

I consider myself an improvisational artist, in that I never know what shape my paintings will ultimately take. I contemplate the personality of the thing until a loose idea or theme forms in my head. Then I just allow the paint to flow off the brush and an image begins to take on a life of its own. It's always a wonderment to look upon a newly finished piece and marvel at how the end results actually compare to that first loose concept.

In school, the only class I ever paid attention in was art. I simply wasn't interested in anything else. I have enjoyed dabbling in a few different art mediums, however paint always seems to call me back. 

As my painting portfolio developed, I began to notice a pattern that I am pleased with pieces that convey a mood; feelings of wonderment, peace, serenity and contentment, and secluded quiet places where moonlight sparkles on the water and fireflies twinkle in the trees.

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. However, nature is the most powerful generator of ideas for me.

Mainly I paint with acrylics on canvas or wood. Occasionally on reclaimed furniture or other objects giving new life to things destined for landfills.







Black Rooster


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