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Gute Stube

Wolfgang and Anna have brought something truly unique and special to the Compass building – a ‘Gute Stube'. ‘Gute Stube' is the German word for parlor or sitting room – a gathering place for family and small groups of friends, where one proudly shares ideas, new developments and common interests.

Both originally from Germany, the space is set up based on memories of their grandparents' homes and items they collected throughout years of engagement with music and technology. Anna has been playing music for many years and is drawn to early music but is open to many styles. Playing the recorder and flute, her main interest is to play music of the Renaissance and Baroque with period instrument reproductions.

The electronics on display in the room is Wolfgang's hobby. He's been tinkering with electronics since childhood due to his passion for radio broadcasts and records.

Wolfgang and Anna want to use the space to meet people with similar interests, discussions, events and small gatherings as described above. If interested, please get in touch with us and we'll connect you with them! They will also periodially offer classes in music and electronics so stay tuned.




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