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Fabri-cations: Fabric & Fiber Exhibit

April 5 - June 15th
Opening Reception: Friday, April 11th, 5-7pm

Since ancient times, the use of textiles has grown exponentially, even though many of the techniques associated with them have remained relatively the same. Those practices, however, now lend themselves to a myriad of uses, adjusted and refined by artists to create their own distinct style. Fabri-cations: Fabric & Fiber is an exhibit which shows several varying techniques and styles, from traditional to contemporary quilts, to the art of fashion, home décor, one-of-a-kind accessories, and sculpted companions.

The talented artists presenting their work include Fran Bull, Judy Dales, MaryKay Dempewolff, Elizabeth Fram, Lee Greenewalt, Nancy Jewett, Judith Reilly, Elinor Steele, Sam Stone, Nora Swan, and Mim Zelis.


Fran Bull
Award-winning sculptor, painter, printmaker and performance artist, Fran has been exhibiting her work worldwide for over 30 years. Her art is included in numerous museum and university collections, ranging from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, to the Guilin Museum in China.

The creation of her silk scarves was a conscious choice by Fran to transfer some of her painted canvases to wearable fabric, bringing the image into a completely different realm, that of decoration, whereas the original art was, in and of itself, about other ideas.


Judy Dales
The tools used by Judy are simple (scissors, fabric, needle and thread), her techniques are traditional, but the results are spectacular. Judy's curvilinear pieced and quilted designs, whether abstract, impressionistic or fantasy-based, are drenched with color, infused with elegance, and filled with motion. Her work is in the collections of The Newark Museum, The Morris Museum of Arts and Sciences, The White House Craft Collection, and a number of corporate and private collections.
Pictured: Floral Form II

Elizabeth Fram
Elizabeth's textile collages juxtapose and layer silk and cotton fabrics which she has transformed with a variety of "surface design" techniques, including stitched and wrapped resist, painting and discharge. She stitches her pieces intensively as a means of creating fields of texture, pattern and color.
Pictured: Shadow Walk

Lee Greenewalt
Lee has been weaving for over 30 years, extensively practicing all kinds of fiber techniques. Using math, color, and texture together to create patterns that evoke a mood or a landscape, Lee's designs are influenced by the clean lines of the Bauhaus and Scandinavian aesthetics. “I love weaving because it fascinates and surprises me and allows me to produce fabric to enrich people's homes with comfort and color.”

Nancy Jewett
Nancy's lifelong love and study of textiles, color and design have been married with her other life passions of wildlife and music which she expresses whimsically in her designs and rugs. Her Contemporary Folk Art style is a contrast to the widely recognized primitive and fine rug hooking. Her designs come from the heart and soul of her imagination, stories and observations of a brightly colored world. Pictured:
Red Clover… SEW Vermont!
MaryKay Dempewolff and Mim Zelis formed Red Clover… SEW Vermont! to create unique, one of a kind items. MaryKay uses her many years of experience to design clothing that is lovingly hand crafted, often utilizing antique laces and fabrics. She is very fond of vintage styles, as she believes these styles are most flattering to women. Pictured: Copper Taffeta

After teaching for years, Mim now indulges in her first love of doll making. Working with vintage and repurposed fabrics, she has turned it into an art form all its own, reflecting her whimsical, fun and one of kind sense of humor. Pictured: Musician III, Cheri Chantuesse, and Xavier

Judith Reilly
Using vibrant colors, textures and working in needle, fabric and thread, Judith intertwines a light-hearted spirit and a love of storytelling in her representational, but not literal unique fiber designs. “I consider myself a “fanciful artist”, not needing to answer to reality. I visit reality once in a while, but I have no desire to live there.”
Pictured: Barns at Birch Hill

Elinor Steele
Elinor combines a strong sense of color and composition with meticulous craftsmanship to create her contemporary hand-woven tapestries. She designs by drawing and manipulating digital imagery. Working from a printed color drawing and a full sized “cartoon” or line pattern, she interprets the designs as she weaves by hand on a simple upright frame loom using traditional tapestry techniques, combining several strands from a large palette of wool yarns to achieve the desired colors and gradients.

Swan&Stone Millinery
Swan&Stone Millinery is a collective of six sheep and two artisans. Sam Stone, the farmer and felter, makes their felts using farm-raised wool, local alpaca, mohair and other natural fibers.  Nora Swan, the designer and milliner, works with the unique properties of each felt to create hats, fascinators and other whimsical wearables using antique hat forms, vintage trims and feathers from the farm and beyond.

Not all artwork is pictured. All work is for sale. For pricing contact us.

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