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Interested in showing your work at Compass? We're always looking for new artists to exhibit. We'd love to hear from you.

Past Artist Displays




OPERA at-a-glance

We're celebrating the world of opera with this exhibit to launch the collaboration between the Compass Music and Arts Foundation and BARN OPERA. Learn about opera's history, fun facts, and how the recording industry played a role in its popularization. And sample some opera in our listening room!


Barn Art
April 6 - June 16
Opening Reception: Friday, April 6, 5:00-7:00pm

Artists in Vermont clearly have an affinity with barns. The many barns that dot the Vermont landscape provide inspiration to artists, are a treasured subject matter, and provide reminders of their purpose and history. The new exhibit ‘Barn Art' is a collection of works from 31 different artists in celebration of these functional, yet stunning, architectural gems.

The Phonograph Rooms
Permanent exhibit

This exhibit offers fascinating insight into the history of recorded music in the home. The exhibit features vintage “talking machines” from 1890 to the 1970s, with regular demonstrations and the opportunity to listen to great recordings of the past - both classical and popular. A display of antique radios and TVs is also included.

Entrance fee: $5 adult, $4 senior, $1 under 14
Visit The Phonograph Rooms website for more information.




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