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'What EMMA Loves'
August 14 - November 1
Opening reception: August 21, 5-7pm
The group of ten women exhibit what motivates them, what they love.

Farmer's Market: Local Harvest
Every Saturday, 9:30am - 2:00pm
The best, fresh local produce at great prices.

Karen Seward & Christine Townsend
September 13, 1pm
Karen, a painter, and Christine a wood sculptor will give demonstrations and discuss their work.

Ann McFarren & Christine Holzschuh
September 20, 1pm
The painters will both give an artist talk and demonstrate their painting process.

Drawing Made Easy
September 27, 1-2:15pm
Mary Crowley will lead a simple four step approach to drawing.

Heather Shay & Lowell Snowdon Klock
October 4, 1pm
The EMMA artists will demonstrate and discuss the differences in how they approach the same subject in two different media.

Making the Grammy Book
October 18, 1-2:15pm
Mary Crowley will explain how she came to write, illustrate and get her children's book published.




Open daily from 10-5pm

The Compass Music and Arts Center (CMAC) is a new and developing arts venue. The purpose of CMAC is to help bring art in all its forms to the people of Vermont and beyond. Community and arts developments and activities are supported by
the non-profit organization, the Compass Music and Arts Foundation, Inc.



Concerts at Brandon Music
We regularly offer Saturday night concerts at our sister site, Brandon Music. Check our upcoming schedule for jazz, folk, classical, bluegrass and other concerts.

Wolfgang and Anna's 'Gute Stube'

'Wolfgang and Ann have set up this 'parlor' as a gathering place to meet people with similiar interests, have discussions and more.

Vermont Arts 2015
Vermont is full of arts and culture related activities. This Vermont Arts Council initiative, in recogition of their 50th anniverary, spotlights and helps to market events throughout the state. See what is happening!

Special leasing rates for 2015! See the opportunities page for information on leasing, renting our main function hall or other rooms, and renting exhibit space.

Café CMAC is OPEN!
Check out our menu and stop in to see us!


Compass Music and Arts Center is owned, and commercial activities managed by, Diversions LLC.
Educational, community, and arts activities and programs operated by Compass Music and Arts Foundation, Inc.


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